Jesus is still writing each of our chapters daily.

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First and foremost I'm a broken human being in love with a perfect, loving God. No matter where I may find myself, what hats I may have to wear on any given day, I know Jesus is with me always. 

In a nut shell, I'm a wife, mommy, author, blogger, speaker, motivator, Bible study leader, freelance illustrator and more. Each day is different. I have an invisible hat rack in my home's foyer. On any given day the duty may change, but WHOSE I am will never change.



Lover of diet coke. (I KNOW....but it's my vice)

A recovering carb a holic

Loved by my God.

Loved by my family.

One of the luckiest girls on the planet. :)

My writing roots

My writing roots? Well, I'd say they were planted at a very young age. I was 8 when I decided I wanted to be a solid gold dancer. I put on a "show" for the entire neighborhood with all of my friends. I wrote the entire script on the back of my strawberry shortcake lunch bag. (Yes, yes I do still have that.) I was always writing as a kid, teen and now as an adult. I was called a dreamer in high school. Four of my HS friends and I wrote an ongoing soap opera- called the old and useless. Not even kidding. Writing has always been a great part of my life. To me? There is nothing better than school supply shopping. Fresh clean notebooks and bundles of new pens - all waiting for me to fill the pages over and over again. Writing is my passion. My safe place, the air I can breathe freely. It's where I most often find God. When I pour out my heart onto the page, He is faithful and always meets me there.

My style

For me, I write conversationally. I like to pretend that you and I are sitting at a table sharing a cup of coffee, tea, diet coke, (your pick) and we are just chatting. 

I like to be transparent, vulnerable with a few handfuls of humor tossed in for good measure. 

A merry heart does us good like medicine.- Proverb2 17:22

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Each one of you are personally handcrafted and made by Jesus Christ, your creator. He knows you. He loves you. He loves you just as you are, right now, not some future version of you. You can trust Him with your hurts, fears and insecurities. He is truly the greatest HOPE of all.

Aj Luck

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